How to Squircle

Flash It~

First, plug in your pro micro, open up QMK toolbox, and flash the VIA firmware on!

  • VIA Firmware: and then click on 40percentclub_nein_via.hex

  • Don't have QMK Toolbox? Please check out this tutorial from MechMerlin.

  • If your computer/QMK Toolbox do not recognize your Pro Micro, try using a different USB cable - make sure it's a cable that is capable of data transfer, not just power charging.

You might need to tap the reset button, which you do by tweezing between the “gnd” and “rst” pins, like this.

Once your PCB shows up in VIA, you’re good to solder and assemble!

Solder & Assemble It~

First, align standoffs! Make sure that the lil square is in the top LEFT, and insert the short side of the standoffs into the two narrower rows on the pcb.

Flip the pcb over, and solder two pins on each standoff.

Check to make sure they’re straight up and down, that the short side is facing towards the top, and the long side towards the bottom.

Solder the rest of the pins!

Then go pull out your acrylic, and remove the protective coating!

Load your acrylic plate up with the cutest switches you have.

Lay the PCB on top of the acrylic, and push down so that all of the switches are fully inserted into the PCB. You should see all their pins poking through!

Solder those switches!

Put a few layers of tape on.

Gently place the pro micro on the two rows of standoffs, with the chips facing in towards the pcb. Let it float on top of the tape, but try to keep it parallel with the pcb as you solder it in place!

Nice work!

Now plug it in, open up VIA, switch over to the Key Tester tab, turn on “test matrix,” and give it a test!

If all is well, then stack the acrylic layers, add standoffs and screws, then put all of your cutest novelty or artisan keycaps on.

Now, you're ready to spread more cuteness into the world.