In The Wild

If you have a picture of your Squircle that you'd like to share, please send it to us!

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Mintlodica from CKC

Artisan Keycaps (Squircle): Stella the Light Magic Kitty by Crafted by Annie, Cherry Blossom Keycaps by Capsmiths

Deskmat: Pink Pastel Picnic Deskmat in Sakura by Mintlodica

Keyboard: Discipline by CFTKB; CKC Edition modified by Nicole Aptekar

Keycaps: DSA Magic Girl Keycaps

Artisan Keycaps (Keyboard): Magic Girl Familiars by Just Another Keymaker, Magic Girl Arrow Set by Ochre + Moss

Cables: Magic Girl Cables by Cookie Cables

Opal from CKC

Novelty Keycaps: DSA Astrolokeys by sailorhg and cassidoo

Artisan Keycaps: Astrolokeys Crescent Moon and Star artisans by Hammer, and Opal’s Castle by @thecastlekeys

Jasmine from CKC

Artisan Keycaps:
R1: Georgies by Crafted by Annie, Shape of the Flowing River by Arcana Keys
R2: Magic Girl Parakeyt & Noodle by Just Another Keymaker, Magic Bearbie by Bowbie Keycaps
R3: Magic Girl Bonsais by
Enso Keycaps, Seal Cube by Shirouu Kaps

Kim from CKC

Artisan Keycaps: CKC Georgie by Crafted by Annie, Cherry Blossom & Rose Keycaps by Capsmiths

LinJo from CKC

Artisan Keycaps: Rose Keycaps by Capsmiths, Bearbies by Bowbie Keycaps
On The Keyboard: POM Jelly keycaps, Ditto and Cutethuwus by TinyMakesThings